About Amphora Life

We pride ourselves on customizing solutions as unique as the families we serve.

Each insurance solution is individually tailored as we work closely with our clients and their legal, accounting and investment experts to maximise tax benefits as well as capital protection and accumulation.

Private Placement Life Insurance

Providing the combined qualities of a strong investment vehicle with long-term insurance coverage, universal life (often shortened to UL) products represent the vehicle of choice for growth sheltered investments. Additionally, as an offshore company offering customised investment options, Amphora is in an ideal position to provide a unique product line tailored to its clients’ needs.

Life insurance is not for the hereafter, it is for here and now. Once used solely to ensure financial stability for our families in the future, it is now used to preserve wealth and quality of life in the present.

Investment flexibility is a cornerstone feature of offshore universal life coverage. UL products come with a variety of features, benefits, and options. Amphora’s products can be summarised as providing transparent, flexible yet simple, solutions with unparalleled investment freedom. Policy investments may include a broad range of fixed income instruments, equities, indexes and other investment options managed by reputable third parties.

All funds held within an insurance policy are invested judiciously according to the client’s financial objectives and prevailing laws in the client’s country of residence. Policyholders are also free to choose funds managed by parties with whom they have existing business relationships.